"Awareness is the first step in healing"

- Dean Ornish

"Awareness is the first step in healing"

- Dean Ornish


Radhika is a trained counsellor and mental health professional. Educated and trained at a premier mental health institute in India, she has more than 15 years' experience in the field of counselling and more than 8 years experience in the field of healing. She was working in a leading government hospital in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh till 2015.

In 2014, she was going through some very stressful experiences and difficulties. As part of the divine plan, her spiritual journey started when she realised her unique connection to the spirit world, her connection to her Ascended Master Jesus and Archangels in fulfilling her divine life mission.
Having been educated and trained in a clinical setting she was very sceptical about this unique and gifted healing abilities. Her Master and Archangels communicated through channelled messages, bringing about confidence and faith in the mission. Since then, she has been attending formal courses in spirituality like Reiki, Access Consciousness Bar Healing, Crystal Healing, Tarot Card reading, Merlin Trinity Healing System (MTHS), Bach Flower Remedies Consultation, Reading of Akashic Records, etc., which helped her to see things in a remarkably fresh perspective, connecting to the energy of the Universe.

In 2015, she resigned her formal hospital job and started with private healing sessions and teaching these modalities. Based at Chennai (India), she is a Reiki Master and regularly conducts classes in Reiki through both online and offline modes. She also offers courses in Angel Healing, Crystal Healing, Akashic Reading (Rewriting of Soul Records) and Reiki Healing. She also facilitates classes in Light Healing Frequencies. A good number of clients and students have benefitted from her classes as well as her healing sessions. In addition, she is a licensed Bach Flower Practitioner (BFRP) certified by Bach Centre, UK. She consults in Bach Flower Remedies.



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Reiki is a healing practice, based on life force energy. It is defined as spiritually guided life force energy. The ancient healing method of Reiki was re-discovered in the middle of the 19th century by Dr. Mikao Usui.
Tarot Reading
A tarot reading will enable one to understand the problem areas better, provide guidance and clarity to deal with such situations.
Crystal Healing
Crystals are amazing tools for transformation that carry a high vibrational frequency that amplifies and accelerates energy and enhance intention. It can boost your natural healing power.
Reading of Akashic Records
Akashic Records modality is profound, deep and divine. Akashic Records are the etheric records of every soul’s journey.
Light Healing Frequencies
Connect to higher frequencies, invite more self love, joy, confidence and peace with ease.
Angel Healing
Angel healing involves physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives. Assistance of angels helps to heal, grow, develop, find truth and path of life.
Merlin Trinity Healing System (MTHS)
The founder of this modality is Mark A Karlsson, channelled from Master Merlin.

"We are vibrational beings that attract, in our outer world, a similar match to our inner vibration, and therefore, the more love we put into our system, the better life shows up in our manifest world!" - Mark A Karlsson

MTHS is a system of healing that uses the power of universal love and infinite intelligence to bring the body to wholeness on a physical, emotional and mental level. This is possible as we learn to bring love into our own reality first - working on bringing peace to the aspects of ourselves. We must learn to love ourselves first before we can love each other. As we collectively vibrate from a loving level within, our outer world manifestation reflects that love. We take the journey from our head, from where we normally operate and from where arises all issues, to our hearts where all the solutions exist. As we gain in love, and our love becomes strong, we create a new beautiful loving world together. The whole system of healing consists of five levels of training: Initiate, Trinity, Master, Alchemy and Manifestation.
Bach Flower Remedies Consultation
The Bach System of Flower Remedies was discovered in the 1930s by Dr Edward Bach, a well-known physician, bacteriologist and pathologist. It is a complete system of healing that acted on the moods and emotional state, realising that disharmony within oneself was the root cause of disease. The remedies from the system are thus selected on the basis of the natural character, temperament and state of mind of the person.

It centres around the use of energy of the flowers in preparing remedies in liquid form. There are 38 remedies, which can be mixed together to form the remedy needed to correct the current emotional state and restore balance to the whole person. This in turn allows the body to make use if its natural ability to combat ill health.

The Bach System of Flower Remedies is simple to use, safe and non-habit forming. It is helpful in addressing emotional issues, state of the mind like worry, despair, fear, guilt, confusion, under confidence, over-thinking, trauma, bring in focus - particularly for students, etc. It works in a gentle way and can also be taken along with other treatments that focus more directly on the physical side. It is also safe to be given to babies, elders, pregnant women, pets and plants. There also exists remedy to handle and respond to everyday crisis and emergencies in the form of shock, trauma, terror and agitation, to stay calm and rational.

For the practice, original Bach Flower Remedy from Healing Herbs® is being used.
All the Bach Flower Pictures have been taken from the website of and under the individual copyright permission from Healing Herbs Bach Flower Essences, UK



Reiki (Level 1 and Level 2)

Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy. This non-physical energy animates all living things. Reiki heals by flowing this life force energy through the affected parts of the energy field and charging them with positivity. The life force plays an important role in everything we do, animating the body and is the primary energy of the emotions, thoughts and spiritual life.

Angel Healing

Angel healing involves physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives. Assistance of angels helps to heal, grow, develop, find truth and path of life. By opening our hearts to the angels, we make our life easier.

Light Healing Frequencies

Light healing frequencies are a bouquet of frequencies from various star councils. You can create self love, joy, confidence, happiness, self-power and peace with ease and calmness, in difficult situations.

Crystal Healing

Crystals are gifts from planet earth to amplify the power of love and light. No matter what type of healing work you do, crystals can help. Crystal therapy refers to working with crystal energy for healing as well as unlocking our spiritual wisdom.

Akashic Reading

Akashic Records Reading sessions are a beautiful method to heal any patterns or karmic roadblocks in a person's life, including matters relating to business, success, finances, health, relationships and soul-purpose. It also helps us in being aware of our thoughts and action.



I got in touch with Radhika in mid-2016 when my mother was going through a mental health condition. Her response to traditional treatments was not showing very promising results and I that when I reached out to Radhika. She understood her situation and suggested a few easy activities to do and also started giving Reiki. The best part about Radhika is she listens to your problem very patiently and gives one hope. She has a positive aura around her which instils confidence. I started to see changes in my mother within a month and I had not seen her so happy in a long time and her health also improved considerably. I continue to wear a crystal bracelet suggested by Radhika for my health and well-being and don’t hesitate to recommended her to my relatives and friends as i have trust in her abilities.

Neelam, Delhi


I have known Radhika since 2008 and was always impressed by her genuine and helpful nature. I took to healing in 2014 inspired solely by her. It started with Angel Therapy and all the healing modalities I learned later were suggested by her initially. She taught me the 2 levels of Reiki and is an excellent teacher and a dedicated healer. She has helped not only me, but my daughter also to move forward in life with lots of positivity and hope. I feel blessed to know her in this life. Radhika is one person whom I can contact anytime for any guidance or help. I am sure she will be positively changing many more people’s lives in the future. May God bless her in her spiritual journey and her selfless work take her to new heights.

Asha, Kochi


Hi everyone, even Radhika is my guardian angel, it was a reason why I stayed in Chennai for 2 nd 1/2 yrs although I am well settled in Kolkata, now I realise the reason which is that I meet her. She introduced me to angels and crystals. Whenever I face any crisis or go through a hard time, she’s just a phone call away, she’s there to help me, Recently when my father undergone pacemaker implantation she was sending healing and assured me that my father’s pacemaker wud be implanted successfully and so it hpnd, on the day of OT, I was so calm and composed that no one cud make out that my dad was hospitalised. Recently my 9 yrs old daughter suffered from dengue nd she high grade fever @104/105 and her platelets dropped to 1.5lakhs from 2.6 lakhs, she instructed me to follow some rituals and when I did that, in one day without any medication, her platelets rose to 3.33,just a miracle, being a doc myself, it was least anticipated but mother in me had great faith on her. She is my soul sister whom I won’t thank but will send my heartfelt blessings  so that she and her entire family be remain blessed abundantly.

Debjani, Kolkata 


You are an angel in my life. We got connected so quickly. You are always there for me. Your spiritual inclination motivates me. Your energy levels attract many around you. You are really an angel. You have helped many ways by reiki or healing or Tarot reading. Radhika’s prayers, different meditation techniques, therapies and healing has helped me to go thru the tough times. I am blessed to have her in my life. I just can’t think her enough for making me part of her circle

Jyotsana,  Bangalore


Radhika ma’am, I have no words to express gratitude towards you. My association with you has helped me a lot in terms of being much calmer and peaceful within. The reiki level 2 session with you has helped me to introspect and trust in the process and what is meant for my highest good will only happen. After learning about reiki, house cleansing and crystals from you, my perspective of looking at things are changing in the positive direction. Your classes and sessions are incredibly encouraging and inspiring, so much so that I am learning to be consistent in my practise. Totally, appreciate the way you even go beyond the class timings and share those key and elaborate information on how to practise with examples and best methods for healing. This speaks a lot in itself…and I admire your commitment to teach your students. Whatever you guided me so far has come to my utmost well-being…be it on the personal or professional side. Hence, I am very happy to introduce you to my other friends and acquaintances so that they also reap the benefits. What makes you special is your straightforwardness and honest approach in giving the guidance and sharing the teachings liberally. I am looking forward to a continual association with you. God bless you

Nisha, Mumbai


Hi Everyone. Here is my experience. I met Radhika in 2015 in Chennai. I lived in Chennai for 1.5 years only but it was impactful. We clicked instantly…it was a spiritual connect. Very strong and unexplainable. She introduced me to Reiki and angels. She is the warmest person i have ever known. She not only healed me but also lead me on the path of Healing/Reiki. I could see the difference Reiki and angels made in my life. I became more acceptable towards life’s flow of events. She always guided me when I was in need. She is dependable and a great motivator. She is truly an inspiration!

Vinita, Canada


I had read about Akashic records somewhere in 2019. Ever since then it had been playing on my time and I really wanted to know more about it. I wanted to learn from someone who not only would explain it in plain simple words but would also have in depth knowledge of the subject. They say that when a student is ready, the Master appears. After 4 long years, I got a chance to learn it from Radhika who satisfied all my queries, gave her 110% in explaining this complex but beautiful subject to me. I am really blessed to have her as my teacher who encourages me, gently nudging me ahead in this journey of healing and gratitude. Thank you so much Radhika. Stay blessed💞

Aparana Agarwal


Thank you so much for teaching us this healing modality, Radhika didi! 🙏 I have always heard about how powerful Akashic records are, but never realized the magnitude of it until today after attending your course. The attunement was very powerful, I can still feel the powerful energies of love throughout my body and the answers provided to me during the reading-swap session were spot on. For everyone inclined towards spirituality, I would highly recommend them to learn this modality. ✨

Gaurav B


Like pretty much everything in my life, my association with Radhika also started slowly but surely. During the initial years she was only my shopkeeper who supplied me with crystals and I was searching all around for a teacher who would guide me without being imposing. They say when the student is ready the Master appears. When I was ready the shopkeeper suddenly transformed into a wonderful loving teacher and led me through the journey of Akashic reading and Crystal healing. Though I have a collection of crystals and I had read quite a lot about spirituality, it was Radhika who helped me bring discipline and structure to my practices. I got tremendous benefits from Akashic records and I am now reconnecting with all my crystals on a new level. All this at a point in life where I need it most. Thank you immensely Radhika . May you continue to spread your light further and reach out to your students all over the world.

Nita S Iyer


I believe in prayers and witnessed the power of healing that happened. My nephew met with a major accident. We gave him the best of treatments but wasn’t sure of how his recovery was going to be. Its then I met Mrs.Radhika..She started sending healings for him . Being in someone’s prayer is highest form of blessing one could ask for. My nephew started responding and his path to recovery was like a miracle! Thank you ma’am for your unstilled sense of commitment 🙏

Deepika Jaimohan


I had the incredible opportunity to attend Radhika Gopakumar’s online class on Reiki and Angel therapy, and I consider myself extremely fortunate. The class was truly exceptional, with each section bringing a great deal of excitement. The energy during the class was nothing short of divine, and Master Radhika’s detailed explanations and patient teaching style were truly commendable. She is truly an outstanding master in her field.

Nishanth Jose

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Radhika is a trained counsellor and psychotherapist. Educated and trained at a premier mental health institute in India, she has more than 15 years’ experience in the field of counselling and more than 6 years experience in the field of healing. She was working in a leading government hospital in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh till 2015.

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